It’s said that that eighty percent of SUCESS is simply SHOWING UP. So what would be possible if you showed up LOOKING THE PART?

Each client's unique needs will determine the appropriate session(s) to work on. However, whenever possible, the following steps are strongly suggested to make the most of your style upgrade. Clients usually spend 8-16 hours for a full image overhaul.


Wardrobe Audit + Image Assessment & Color Analysis (3-4 hours)

This is typically the starting point and highly recommended if you want to start strong from the ground up. It's crucial to have a closet inventory in order to asses what works and what doesn't,  what to discard and what to keep. This distilling process is an important preparatory first step to a solid wardrobe foundation.

Along with a color analysis and exercise to learn how to select the right colors for you, you'll learn how to maximize your edited closet by exploring ways to create fresh new looks, often with minimal to no effort. Many clients are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can do a lot more with their existing wardrobe than they thought possible, resulting in an instant confidence boost and excitement to begin tapping into their newfound style potential.


Guided Shopping (3-4 hours per session)

The next step is focused shopping to build up and around the usable garments we extracted from the previous wardrobe analysis, and to begin building a firm foundation for your newly elevated style. We'll visit stores that have been selected based on your particular needs, preference, and budget.

As we shop together, I'll offer you advice on fit, color, styling, and any other pertinent tips that will equip you with the knowledge, capability, and confidence to shop on your own in the future. As a bonus, your new style intelligence will free you from making poor purchasing decisions, thereby saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year – who wouldn't appreciate this kind of savings, all while you look and feel your absolute best?


New Looks Creation (2-3 hours)

This is a post-shopping option where we will return back to your closet and learn how to create a variety of fresh looks with your new and existing wardrobe for maximum use and versatility. You'll be pleased to discover how many outfits you can put together with a  tightly-curated wardrobe, and how easily all the items flow together for a unified style, eliminating much of the guesswork. We'll take photos of each outfit so that you have a clear record of how to recreate the looks.


Grooming Advice

Your overall transformation cannot be complete without enhancements to your grooming. At some point in our time together, we'll discuss options to bring forth your natural good looks by caring for your hair, face, and all areas that can use refinement and polish.