John K., Author & Innovation Expert

“Alice Kim has a rare gift of seeing into the heart of a client's essence. Styling in her hands expresses core truths, rather than decorating a surface with fashion of the moment. The work we have done together comes as close as anything to a mirror in which I can see and continually express my true self.

Chris F., Software Development Manager

"My wardrobe was a little out of date – from some time in the last century. I lost a bunch of weight and nothing fit me anymore. Alice set me straight on some basic principles. Out went the oversized pants and shirts and the boring office-casual look. Then, she recommended specific brands and looks. I got a new suit, a new look, and a new girlfriend. Coincidence? Finally, everything fits and I feel comfortable with the whole package. No more boring work and baggy casual schizophrenia. Drop those faded Dockers off at the Salvation Army and contact Alice Kim."
(Update: That new girlfriend is now Chris's wife!)

Drew W., Art Director

"I had always bought clothes kind of piecemeal – a shirt here, some pants there, always more as an afterthought than with any kind of plan. Alice helped me to understand that it’s useless to have a nice shirt that has no relevance to anything else in my closet. She helped me create a real wardrobe with a cohesive feel, rather than just have a haphazard collection of random clothing. I was also able to wear things in various combinations so it seemed like I had more clothes than I really ended up buying. Alice also gave me a foundation for a wardrobe that could evolve with a few additions over time, and she made the whole experience fun, as well. It ended up being cheaper in the long run to develop a real style and streamline my look. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Brian G., Radio Host & Accountant

“For a winning style, one needs the insight of someone who deeply understands –  then helps reveal – the individual in a man. Now my clothes not only flatter my body, but it has become an extension and expression of who I am.

Mark H., Art Psychotherapist

"I am writing to say 'Thank You' to Alice Kim at Veritas Image Management. With Alice’s expertise, she compassionately guided and educated me to break habitual fashion blunders. For the first time in my life I have a clear 'fashion direction.' My past favorite 'go-to' shirts were exclusively either black, white or blue. With sensitivity, and a tapping into a lifetime of experience, Alice helped me expand my color palette to best complement my features.
I had a closet full of old clothes that I was hanging onto for all the wrong reasons (i.e., sentimental values, memories, thinking I might fit into it someday, etc.). My wardrobe is completely organized now. This was so incredibly helpful! And I could have never done it alone. Most importantly, I feel so much more confident with my overall appearance. I would highly recommend Alice's services to anyone!"

Doug R., Financial Analyst

"I came to Alice because I had wanted to build and invest in a wardrobe for years but lacked the experience and confidence I wanted to purchase high quality clothes. She provided me the framework to identify clothes that would look good on me (fit, color, style) as well as build off of/work well with my current wardrobe. Finally, Alice helped me to identify my burgeoning style and infused me with the confidence to overcome my personal style boundaries. I highly recommend Alice."

Joseph D., Real Estate Investor

"Alice did a great job with my style makeover and fashion advice. The first meeting she came to my apartment and had me try on my existing clothes. She was honest with what worked and what did not, different ways to use what I already owned, and what pieces I would need to put it all together. I had no idea how a tapered pant leg and rolling up your shirt sleeves could change your whole look!
One week later we went shopping to a few stores in NYC, which really opened my eyes to what I can do with some good looking sweaters, button down shirts, and even an edgy black leather jacket! I can now go out on my own and find the clothes that will look good on me. It was easy to justify the cost for her services, since I used to buy clothes were either too big or too expensive, so it was like I was throwing money away on unflattering pieces.
Now I have the confidence to buy practical, good looking and good fitting clothes, and I know I will get a lot of use of everything. Highly recommended service!"

Mark N., Physician

"Beyond clothing and style is the person who ultimately must feel comfortable in a style that meets his needs, whether it be in the context of a social or business occasion. Alice Kim goes above and beyond by making that person comfortable with a wardrobe that's uniquely and carefully selected yet tuned to the individual's specific style. This is often done without extravagant purchases but rather with combinations of attire already in possession only waiting to be brought to its fullest potential. And when a new look is called for, Alice is always willing to lend an informed opinion based on experience and a passion for men's fashion. Two thumbs up."

Brian C., Tax Associate

"I would recommend Alice in a heartbeat to anyone who is thinking about hiring a wardrobe consultant. I knew nothing about fashion, and struggled every time I stepped foot into a store. Shopping became a frustrating experience. Alice changed all that - she knew exactly what I was looking for, and by the end of our first outing I had such a great new foundation for my wardrobe. I've received so many comments on my new look, it really was an amazing change! And not just physically either; hiring Alice won't only change the way you look, but also the way you feel – the end result will give you an extra boost of confidence and self-esteem that you didn't know was missing. You won't be disappointed with Alice, her services are well worth it!"

Eric S., Business Development Manager

"If you plan to spend ANY money on new clothes - STOP and hire Alice first. Otherwise, you are likely to WASTE MONEY on the wrong clothes that don't fit you properly and don't add to the overall look you're trying to create. After just a few afternoons with Alice, I understand how clothing should fit and how certain combinations look more youthful, more in style and complementary. My time with Alice was the BEST investment in my wardrobe; and my only regret is that I didn't work with her sooner!"

Lutz R., Software Architect

"Alice did an amazing job. I started with a vague idea of what I was looking for and she narrowed it down by asking the right questions to get exactly the right context that was needed. I was especially impressed how she turned this into concrete recommendations during our shopping trip, in some cases finding exactly what I was looking for, in others making recommendations to try things that I would have never considered myself that matched my initial description precisely."

Bruce J., Business Owner

"After meeting Alice, I had a more confident feeling about how to approach and deal with my clothing and color concerns. I definitely know my future appearance will be much more in keeping with my vision of myself."

John K., Business Consultant

"Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been getting quite a few comments, mostly from attractive women, with the way I’m dressing. Earlier today a cute TSA inspector saw the bracelet we picked out together, and licking her lips said, “Cool.” A receptionist at the Gramercy Hotel restaurant said, “I love the way you dress.” I’m also getting more looks as I walk down the street. So whatever it is we’re doing, it’s working! Thought you’d like to know."

Dan C., Project Manager

"When I came to Alice, I was looking to update my look but did not know where to start. All I knew was that my clothes and shoes were starting to get a little worn and could use an upgrade. We took inventory of everything I had, discarded a lot, and discussed style as a vehicle to highlight my best features and authentic personality instead of just buying 'nice clothes'. Alice empowers you in the process of defining your own style and uses the science and art of style to teach how to fit things to your body, lifestyle, and personality instead of the other way around.
We only went to one store that I'd never visited, but based on our discussions, I saw the items there completely differently and have a totally new perspective on the 'hows' and 'whys' of what works for me. We chose a collection of items that can interchange with one another and scale to create new looks – all within a relatively modest budget. I've learned a lot and have a more confident understanding of how to build a style that works for me. Alice is truly talented and a great guide."

Steve M., Music Teacher

"Alice was so helpful to me. She helped me declutter my closet of clothing that I wasn't wearing anymore or just didn't fit me right anymore. After learning about me and what I like, she introduced me to new stores and cuts that were right for my body. I am very grateful to have Alice as my personal stylist."

Andrew B., eCommerce Marketing Manager

"Alice was the absolute best! She understood my needs, listened to what I wanted and really helped me nail the look(s) I was trying to pull off. She helped me understand what works and how to piece outfits together with my existing wardrobe while providing guidance into what I needed to fill in the gaps. She was patient, super friendly, and overall, supremely helpful!
Alice helped me become more confident in my own style choices, working with me to create numerous looks while educating me on what works and what doesn't. Through this, I was able to develop and hone my own ability to put head-to-toe looks together myself. I cannot say enough good things about my consulting experience with Alice and highly recommend her to any man wanting to take their style to the next level! She was an absolute joy to work with!"

Doron H., System Administrator

"I'm happy with your expertise. What I needed was a professional opinion on what I'm currently doing right or wrong and what else I can do while avoiding having to dress like someone that I don't feel like I am. You had proven yourself to be knowledgeable and competent, and then you delivered that service and I'm satisfied. That will help me move forward in the right direction with confidence instead of doubt."

Jeff B., Financial Services

"Alice Kim of Veritas Image Management helped me update and upgrade my style with relatively small investments of time and $$$. It is basic but she started by helping to purge my closet and next taught me how my clothes should fit. Now that I am in properly fitting shirts and suits, I look better and feel more confident which helps in all areas of my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Veritas for Alice's expertise in men's styling along with her superb customer service."

Scott G., Entrepreneur

"I am very happy with the help Alice gave me; it couldn't have gone better. I'm 51 and not so good at buying clothes. I rarely wear a jacket and tie, so I mainly needed help with nice casual clothes for work and just out and about. 
When Alice came over to my house for the closet audit she mostly focused on teaching me how clothes should fit on my body. I tried on different shirts and pants and Alice pointed out how the fit should really be and what I was doing wrong. Most of my clothes were way too big – which apparently is an all too common problem with men. She also told me what to look for based on my body type and face. I have a narrow face and she explained what type of shirt (mostly the collar style) looks best on someone like me. We also went over which colors are best for me. 
After the closet audit we went shopping together. At the stores I could really see the difference in how properly fitted clothes look on me. A big improvement from what I was doing on my own! Since then I've gone on two solo shopping trips and I now have a lot more confidence that I'm buying the right clothes. Figuring out the right fit isn't too hard once you know what to look for; and just getting that right makes a huge difference.
I've always hated shopping for clothes, mostly because I felt like I didn't really know what I was doing. I've only been shopping twice since my 're-education', and I actually enjoyed it. Who would have thought. Alice taught me how to buy the right clothes so I can do it on my own, not call her every time I need to go shopping. She also made me feel very comfortable during the whole process. Alice has a very nice personality and it was an enjoyable experience the whole time."

Adam T., Mainframe Programmer

"Top notch fashion consultant. Alice's insight changed my wardrobe from a morass of boring blues and greys to a wonderful bouquet of color and style. Not just satisfied with making me simply look good, she also armed me with the knowledge to make the right choices going forward with my image and fashion choices. If you are looking for someone you cannot go wrong with Alice!"

Matt W., IT Project Manager

"I had a great experience working with Alice. Over the course of several outings in New York, I found her to be professional, personable and possessing a keen eye for detail, style and inspiration! She went above and beyond to plan, execute and tailor-make a wardrobe that exceeded my expectations on every level. She was extremely thorough in budget planning and monitored this throughout each trip.
On-time and full of enthusiasm, I'd recommend Alice's services to anyone looking for an overhaul or upgrade to their wardrobe/look. You'll save money, time and reap the benefits of years worth of fashion know-how, that.... let's be honest, I certainly wouldn't have a clue about (as I'm sure most people wouldn't!). What you will gain in return is a timeless wardrobe, that isn't reliant on trends or fads. I found this experience invaluable and plus, you'll look super-fly by the end of it too!"

David B., Recording Artist

"Alice was amazing!! She helped me pick out different outfits for my photoshoot. She was very fun to work with and I would recommend anytime. I look forward to working with Alice again in the future!!!"

Gary O., Business Owner

"If you're looking for a new image, Alice is the one to help you guys! She asked the right questions and listened to what I wanted to look like, but didn't know how to put together. She knows her stuff and taught me how to wear the clothes! Also I felt like Alice was just a friend helping me. She is very professional and personable. I waited to put this review to tell you what kind of response I received from my new look, and I'm killing it! Will be calling her in the fall for my next set. Alice is worth every dollar!"

Mike M., Management Consultant

"Alice was very professional and was very helpful in helping me make decisions in my suit fittings. I highly recommend her."

Graeme D., Asset Management Executive

"Alice helped me rethink and reconfigure my work wardrobe. She provided helpful background and context on what items I needed, gave clear and well-informed advice on what did and didn't work, while being flexible enough to incorporate my own ideas. She did all of this with poise, precision, and punctuality. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Alice on this and other projects in the future."

Kevin P., Entrepreneur

"Great experience, I will definitely work together with Alice again the next time I am in NY. By myself I would have never been able to put together an outfit like I got now. Invest in yourself and get a professional's help - it's well worth it."

Seth D., Filmmaker

"I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Alice. She has a great system in place to get you looking your best. She knows how to keep you staying true to your own stylistic inclinations, but also opens you up to a bunch of new ideas. Aside from her vast level of fashion knowledge, she's also a lot of fun to be around. Worth every penny and a whole lot more. Highly recommended."

Bill P., Financial Advisor

"Alice was great to work with. She was punctual, professional, and helped me accomplish a lot in a relatively short amount of time. I highly recommend her services."

Chris C., Financial Services

"I really enjoyed working with Alice and found her to be a perfect fit for any guy looking for style guidance. Alice doesn't just take you shopping to pick out outfits, she educates you so that you can do it on your own. Alice has a ton of experience from designing men's clothes and was able to help with my work and personal wardrobe and ended up saving me a lot of money. She also has a great network of tailors and other providers in the city that would take forever and a ton of trial and error to find. I highly recommend Alice and after spending a lot of money on designer clothes that didn't fit well and weren't cohesive, I am happy to say Alice has not only reinvented my wardrobe but taught me a ton of lessons that are invaluable."

Scott G., Business Owner

"I was looking at some pictures of myself from a party about 10 years ago and I cringed at how baggy and big my old clothes were! Pleated chinos with cuffs, oversized shirt with muffin top! Ahhhh. I thought of you and how much my wardrobe has improved. I frequently get compliments on how good I look."

Michael S., Recent College Grad

"Alice Kim surpassed my expectations in her immense helpfulness. Not only is she friendly and cordial to work with, but she gave honest and helpful advice that I could tell was tailored to my specific case. Furthermore, she genuinely worked to get the best value for me in the best time, seeking to make sure I got the best deal possible. I came away from the experience with both great new clothes as well as a deeper understanding of what to look for in high quality clothing. I would absolutely recommend Alice to any friends looking for image consulting."

T.C., Business Owner

"My wardrobe overhaul experience with Alice has been outstanding from my initial contact (she responded promptly), to our telephone 'interview' (she asked smart and insightful questions), and to the written instructions she gave me to do an initial self-purge of my closet before our first meeting.

Based on her assessment of my body type and personality, she had a strategically planned map for our shopping day, and knew exactly which few stores she wanted to take me to that carried clothes that were cut well and styled right for me. While shopping together, she doesn't just tell you whether something fits or not – she teaches you to know what a good fit looks like. "You'll never buy another piece of clothing that doesn't fit again!" She's right. I won't.

Alice is clearly skilled and experienced with men's fashion, is an organized and consummate professional, and is a delight to be with! Working with her was a worthwhile and rewarding experience. I feel like a million bucks and a new man in my new wardrobe that fits my body and the personal style I didn't even know I had until Alice saw it and brought it out."