This Bod's for You: Exercise Tips for Common Men's Health Concerns

If you're reading this post, you exist. If you exist, you have a body. And because your body supports your existence, you owe it to yourself to take good care of it.

You already know that this requires a healthy diet along with some form of physical training. What if there are ways to exercise intelligently so that you'll be restored back to both good shape AND good health? After all, there is a difference.

Today, my guest Dre' Farnell, Better Body Expert and personal trainer, gives you some tips on how to maximize your exercise routine to help you look great while managing some common men's health concerns.

Exercise Training Tips to Combat Some Men's Health Concerns and Issues


There are various methods available for us to take care of the exquisite machine that we call the human body. One of our best tools is exercise. Men have many specific health and aesthetic concerns that exercise can address. Let’s look at a few of them and see what kind of fitness training may help us to deal with them.

Belly Fat

Men tend to store fat around their midsections. This is not a good thing due to the fact that men who tend to store fat around their waists are prone to developing heart disease and diabetes.

A very recent study has shown that by the time that your waistline is at or above 39”, your chances for contracting diabetes or heart disease is greatly increased. This means that a 39” or larger waistline should be viewed as a cause for concern and looked at as a flashing red light for contracting both diabetes and heart disease.



To effectively avoid fat storage in your waistline you will have to attack fat storage everywhere as it is impossible to spot reduce.

Train the entire body using resistance training to stimulate muscle growth. Remember that muscle uses fat as a fuel source just to exist. Work a total body weight routine into your week. Start with the larger muscle groups and end with the smaller ones.

Try following this order: Legs > Back > Chest > Shoulders > Arms > Abs.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the top killers of men in the United States, second only to lung cancer. Prostate cancer has no real early warning symptoms and may go unchecked until it is too late. Early detection and treatment is the key to surviving.

A study published in the Journal of Urology by the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center should give men hope. The study has proven that cancer cells can be slowed down by 30% with the adoption of a healthier low fat diet and a regular exercise routine.



One should focus on regularity of exercise as opposed to higher intensity exercise bouts. Three days a week is enough to reap the benefits. Each exercise session should be up to an hour in length and relatively low in intensity.

Sexual Health

A man’s sexual health is also optimized by participating in physical activity on a regular basis. Exercise stimulates hormones that are responsible for maintaining a healthy sex drive.

Cardiovascular activity promotes blood flow and circulation which is key to a man’s sexual health. Aerobic exercise also increases the amount of stamina that a man will have while performing. 

Physical activity also clears the mind and has an overall relaxing effect on the body. Well rested and relaxed individuals have better sexual experiences.

Becoming more physically fit (or even losing 10 pounds in some cases) enhances a person’s self-image. Positive self-image always goes a long way in the bedroom.



Make cardiovascular activity an integral part of your workout week. Make sure that you incorporate a few intense bouts of cardiovascular activity to rev up the heart and break a sweat.

Joint Aches and Pains

Joint aches and pains (lower back, shoulders, knees) plague men as they age. Approximately 70% to 85% of all Americans will experience some form of lower back issue in their lifetime.

There are ways to prevent this from occurring or to make it less of a burden. Strengthening the muscles will train them to absorb more of the forces that are placed on the body.



Weight training is great for strengthening the bones and the muscles. Take a yoga class and pay special attention to a good flexibility program. Add the dynamic of flexibility to your strength training routine. Flexibility is one of the keys to efficient human movement and eradicating joint pain.

Utilize some of these training tips the next time that you get some exercise. Exercise with a purpose in mind and add quality to the years that you spend on this earth.


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