Handle Vegas with Rat Pack Class

It's a testament to the unique charms of the original Rat Pack that people still picture them when imagining Las Vegas. You know the image: slick hair, impeccably tailored suits, shined shoes, adult cocktails, etc. There's something both timelessly classy and undeniably manly about it all, and thanks to films like the original "Ocean's 11," the image will forever be tied to Las Vegas.


Unfortunately, you only need to scan the Strip for a nanosecond to realize that the quality of men's style in Las Vegas today is a sad, even disgraceful scene. I don't feel that it's necessary for me to spell it out, as the painful evidence is everywhere and in plain sight for all to see, all day and all night.

So if you're heading to Vegas, why not step up, step out and stand out in style and class like the blokes from the glamorous days of Old Vegas? And who better than the Rat Pack as your standard? Here are a few pro tips on how to hit the Strip – Rat Pack style.



Dress To Impress

This is obvious, but it can't be emphasized enough. In an ordinary city, the right pair of jeans and jacket might be perfect for a trip downtown. But in Vegas it's all about glamour, and historically it's also about class. So stay classy and take the opportunity to dress it up a bit.



Be Bold

Throwing on a suit isn't quite enough – try to be bold with masculine accessories. This might mean some brand new cuff links or a nice watch; it might mean wearing a pocket square when it's not something you ordinarily do, or putting on an expensive pair of shoes. If you need to find some handsome, bold accessories on the spot, try looking through the Shops at Crystals at the ARIA resort - you'll be sure to find something that catches your eye.


Catch A Show

The club scene in Vegas in the 21st century is incredibly active, and certainly fun to take in. But if you're shooting for a more tony image on your trip, take a night to sacrifice the club for a show. Whether it's a boxing match, Cirque du Soleil, or even a comedy act, it's a great way to spend an evening being entertained, and keeps you cultured and composed instead of sloppy and sweaty.

Enjoy Your Drink


No one's pretending that the Rat Pack didn't drink – hell those guys did it up to the max! But the image is always about keeping it cool and having a good time. Don't go to the club or casino with the goal of throwing back as many drinks as possible. Drink casually to enhance whatever activity has your full attention. This is a gentleman's way to handle Sin City.

While the other dudes go for the expected stuff like trendy premium vodka on ice, a refined gent like you will channel the Rat Pack and savor classic cocktails such as the respectable Manhattan and, of course, the mighty Martini (I know you're cultured enough to know that a true Martini is made with gin). Here are 5 Vegas cocktail bars that will take good care of you.


Stick with Friends

Finally, stay with your friends. Don't stay in tired one night (from last night's boorish bender until noon) or get distracted chasing un-intriguing women. The lasting image of the Rat Pack is one of a group of gentlemen who always stuck together and seemed larger than life. Follow suit by sticking with your friends, and if you can't resist the company of women (who can blame you?), be sure to surround yourself with the kind who are as equally classy, smart and sharp as you are.

And remember, gentlemen, that whatever happens in Vegas... leaves Vegas with you as thrilling memories to last a lifetime.